The Hague will not yield to FIFA over World Cup

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The Dutch government is not prepared to grant FIFA staff immunity or suspend labour regulations if the World Cup is held here, documents from the welfare and sport ministry show.

The documents, cited by the newspaper NRC Handelsblad, describe the demands of the world football federation as "far-reaching". The documents were drawn up in December 2009 and April 2010. The new coalition agreement, however, follows the same line, emphasising that "the Dutch state will remain in charge during the events and not the IOC or FIFA".

HollandBelgium Bid The organising committee of the The HollandBelgium Bid says it is not worried. It stresses it has met all FIFA requirements and demands to secure its candidacy. The only hurdle, it notes, is the ballot, due in December. If the Netherlands succeeds in winning the bid, the committee points out, it is up to the government and FIFA to discuss any outstanding issues.

The committee does not expect the ministry documents to affect the bid's chances. Belgium and the Netherlands are bidding to stage the World Cup in 2018 or 2022. The decision will be taken on 2 December. It will the first time FIFA announces a decision for two events at once. 

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