The Dutch are again the world's fifth richest population

The Dutch are again the world's fifth richest population

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The Dutch are the fifth richest population in the world, according to latest Global Wealth Report by German insurance group Allianz.

Only the Swiss, Americans, Japanese and Belgians have more assets, the research shows. The ranking is unchanged from last year.

The Dutch have average assets of €68,750 per head of the population, up 12% on a year ago, Allianz says. Some 64% of this is held in pensions and insurance policies - more than in any other western country.

At the same time, ‘the share of the population with low financial assets has quadrupled since the end of 2000,' the report states.

Net financial assets are calculated by combining private household assets, including pensions and annuities, but excluding art and cars, and dividing it by the population, RTL news said.


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    hmm...'excluding art and cars'... and what about the collections of the Dutch say nothing of the richness of their history....hmm.