Thai masseuses work for slave wages

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Prostitutes’ rights group Red Thread finds that over 400 Thai women work for slave wages in Dutch massage parlours.

6 October 2008

AMSTERDAM -- Red Thread, a prostitutes' rights group in the Netherlands, says hundreds of Thai women are working in Dutch massage parlours for very little money.

After visiting over 60 massage parlours in 2008, the organisation estimates that more than 400 Thai woman are working as masseuses for as little as three to five euros an hour. Red Thread reports that most of the masseuses are over 30 years old, speak limited Dutch and have few social contacts.

Despite frequent closures of the salons by police, others quickly open to replace them, says Red Thread. The organisation also criticised the Dutch Labour Inspectorate, responsible for occupational health and safety, for its poor supervision of the massage parlours.

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