Terror suspect arrested in Amsterdam

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A British national of Somali origin has been arrested at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. Media reports say the man may have connections with a foreign terror group, possibly Somalia's al-Shabab.

The man was travelling from Liverpool, via Schiphol Airport, to Entebbe, Uganda. He had already boarded his plane when he was arrested by military police. The Netherlands' investigative police is refusing to comment while it is probing the incident. According to the BBC, the arrest follows a tip-off by the British authorities.

New hotbeds Al-Shabab claims it has close ties with al-Qaeda. The head of the British secret service MI5, Jonathan Evans, said on Thursday that al-Qaeda has begun recruiting people in Yemen and Somalia rather than Pakistan. The anti-terror measures implemented by Islamabad appear to be effective. According to Mr Evans, the threat from Pakistan has halved, whereas Yemen and Somalia are the new hotbeds of terror.

The Sunday capture of the Brit in Amsterdam is the second such arrest in three weeks. Last month two Yemeni men from the US were arrested on suspicion of preparing a terror attack. Dutch airport police was acting on a tip-off by the US authorities. A few days later the two were released without any charges.


On Christmas Day 2009, a Nigerian national tried to blow up a US airliner that departed from Amsterdam just before it landed in Detroit. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had taped an explosive material known as PETN to his legs. Cabin crew and passengers managed to overpower the man. It’s thought the man was carrying the explosives as he arrived at Schiphol on a flight from Lagos, Nigeria.  


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