Ten squatters arrested after fight in Amsterdam

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Ten people were arrested in the Dutch capital Amsterdam last night after a fight between squatters and another group.

AMSTERDAM—The squatters had taken over a building in the Kinker street in the capital earlier in the day. But fighting broke out when another group laid claim to the same building. The police arrested members of both the first group of squatters and the second group.

The squatters' movement in The Netherlands to enjoyed a degree of popularity during the 1960s and 1970s, when many ordinary families were driven to occupying vacant properties due to the alarming housing shortages that have existed since the Second World War. In spite of the continuing chronic housing shortages in major Dutch cities, squatting has become marginalised in the last few decades. Recently several right-wing politicians have called for squatters' rights to be curbed.



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  • Neighbour posted:

    on 19th January 2009, 12:55:38 - Reply

    You seem to misunderstand what happened in this article. AT5, Het Parool and Indymedia were much clearer. The rooms had stood empty for over a year, the owner wants evict all the tenants and pull down the building to build a hotel. He has not been given permission.

    So the ground floor was squatted legally on Sunday afternoon - an owner cannot leave rooms unused for over a year in this densely populated area. On Sunday evening the knokploeg arrived (best translation I can find: heavies) turned up. They forceably removed the squatters, and there was a fracas. The police were called. They arrested some people, including removing all of the knokploeg from the building and arresting them. After which the police returned the rooms to the squatters.