Teeven has no plans to change illegal immigrant plan

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Junior justice minister Fred Teeven says he has no plans to amend draft legislation to make living in the Netherlands without proper papers a criminal offence, despite calls for change by coalition partner Labour.

Teeven told television talk show Pauw & Witteman that he took note of the PvdA's position but that it is now up to the parties themselves to decide what, if any, changes to make.

Labour party members on Sunday agreed to support plans to make it a criminal offence to be an illegal immigrant under certain conditions. They say the new rules should ensure people who could not return home through no fault of their own are given residency permits and that people found without passports are not automatically jailed.

Labour also wants an end to police quotas for catching illegal immigrants.

The draft legislation is currently being examined by the foreign affairs advisory committee which is due to report back in June.

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  • Roger Rabbit posted:

    on 16th May 2013, 19:44:25 - Reply

    Yes exactly, Holland should not be a dumping ground [edited by moderator] - and just because we are a soft touch and offer huge benefits to people. Holland is heavily overdeveloped and so you couldn't pick a worse country for all the refugees to come to. A country which is less sparsly populated would make alot more sense for everyone. Did someone say sense of entitlement?