Teenagers arrested for threatening schools in Weesp

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The three boys’ threatening messages to police and school led to panic in the town as many still remember the recent stabbing tragedy in Belgium.

WEESP – Dutch police have just arrested three teenagers suspected of threatening local schools and crèches in the town of Weesp, near Amsterdam.

Two of the teenagers are aged 13 and 14 respectively while the age of the third boy is not disclosed.

They allegedly called police from a telephone cell on Monday morning and sent a threatening letter to a school in Weesp.

The threats led to panic in the town following the recent tragedy in Belgium in January, where a young man stormed into a crèche and killed three people. Police were placed on high alert as schools were told to keep the doors closed.

The youths whose identities were exposed Tuesday after appearing on a TV crime busters programme showing security camera footage broadcast. They were brought to the police station by their parents where they were arrested.

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