Tax inspectorate discovers health care fraud

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The current affairs television programme Nova has acquired a copy of a tax inspectorate report on fraud involving the so-called 'personal budget' for the elderly, the chronically ill and the disabled.

THE HAGUE—Many patients in the above-mentioned categories face high costs not covered by their health insurance companies. These risks, including long-term home care or admission to a nursing home, are covered by the AWBZ (Exceptional Medical Expenses Act). The personal budget allows these patients to buy their own health care.

The local Zorgkantoor (Care Office) only checks whether the bills that patients submit do not exceed their budgets, but there is no oversight on whether any care was actually provided.

The tax inspectorate's report shows that the average amount in the cases of fraud was 35,000 euros. In one case the amount was as high as 150,000 euros. For five years, a man received a personal budget for his dead mother.

Radio Netherlands/Expatica

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