TNT Milan - a package you cant refuse

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TNT Express in Milan has been infiltrated by the mafia. The Italian justice ministry has intervened and will be at the helm of the packages delivery company for the coming six months.

It appears that dozens of smaller courier companies that work for TNT are run by the ‘Ndrangheta, the Calabrian branch of the mafia. TNT was under the impression that they were independent companies but it has transpired the couriers were a cover for organised crime. The courier staff wear the company logo and drive around in TNT vehicles.  

The justice ministry will attempt to dismantle the corruption network within the express services firm, a move welcomed by TNT. “As a business, we’re not in a position to solve this problem. Cooperation with the justice department is the most practical and especially the safest way of eliminating the ‘Ndrangheta influence,” a TNT spokesperson said.  

According to financial daily , which reported the matter, Dutch top management was not aware of the mafia infiltration, but local management turned a blind eye. If the authorities are not satisfied that they have stamped out the mafia elements after six months, they will extend their probe for a further period. The ministry is angry that local management was lax in its response.



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