Swine flu surge among Dutch school children

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While more children are down with the A(H1N1) virus, the estimated number of cases has not reached epidemic proportions.

The Netherlands – The number of children infected with the A(H1N1) virus have increased since school holidays ended and students are back in school, says a professor of virology, Ab Osterhaus.

The professor at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam said the past two weeks many children have had to stay at home because they are down with swine flu. 

However, the professor said the number of cases has not reached epidemic levels. 

At the moment only four or five people in every 10,000 have the disease. An epidemic is when six out of 10,000 are infected.

The renowned virologist is also maintaining that two swine flu vaccine shots are needed as reliable protection against swine flu instead of one vaccine shot as proposed by an American-Australian study.  

According to the study, a new swine flu vaccine manufactured by a Chinese company does not require people to receive two doses of shot to be well vaccinated against the virus. 

In an interview with Nos radio, the professor advised the government to stick to using two swine flu doses as the Netherlands is using swine flu vaccine from Switzerland. 

And although some experts have said the vaccine in the Netherlands may also be effective with one dose, two vaccinations offer better protection. 

The Netherlands aims to vaccinate high-risk groups in  October.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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