Swimming pool code against child sex abuse

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The Dutch swimming sector is drafting a code of behaviour following the case of swimming instructor Benno Larue, who sexually abused and photographed several children. "Actually every sector which works with children should have a code of behaviour. From teachers to sports instructors," said a spokeswoman.

The code, which could be in place within six months, is meant to help regain parents' trust in swimming instructors.

The draft code states that swimming pool staff have a duty to protect visitors from abuse of power, sexual intimidation, and undesirable behaviour in the swimming pool.

The case of Benno Larue caused a great deal of commotion in the southern Province of Brabant, when it emerged that the swimming pool owner had sexually abused children over a number of years. His victims were often young handicapped girls. He made photos of his victims which he edited and looked at at home.

The swimming instructor was sentenced to prison for seven years last July. Last week his case went before an appeal court. The Public Prosecution wants a prison sentence with compulsory treatment.  

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