Swimming in Amsterdams canals?

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The quality of the water in Amsterdam’s famous canals is improving, says the capital’s Waternet authority. It’s so good in fact that it is no longer necessary to sluice out the canals at night with water from the adjoining River IJ.

Waternet is using new equipment which allows the cleanliness of the water to be continuously monitored. The first official results of the new techniques will be published after the summer, but the figures so far are looking very good indeed, says Waternet.

Sewers In the past, the canals were open sewers. Nowadays, however, the houses along the waterways are all connected to the city’s sewerage system. And soon, none of the capital’s houseboats will release waste water into the canals.

The waterways used to be cleaned by allowing 240,000 cubic metres of water from the River IJ to course through them at night. In the summer, this took place up to four times a week.

Last year, it was decided the procedure was unnecessary and it was stopped. Waternet hopes that people will eventually be able to swim in the canals.

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© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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  • The Global Writer posted:

    on 13th July 2011, 12:10:10 - Reply

    I'm not entirely convinced by this press release but great that they're cleaning up the canals. Swimming would be lovely of course, but it's the birds that call the canals home that most need this initiative.
  • john middelkoop posted:

    on 10th July 2011, 17:34:58 - Reply

    It is good to read a story like this one, even if it is not ready for the swimming public yet, it is refreshing that an effort to make continues improvement is in the works, if there was no effort it would go in the opposite direction,

    Good example for those around the world that need to follow the good intentions of the Dutch.

    John Middelkoop (Canada)
  • Now I have heard it all posted:

    on 8th July 2011, 11:55:34 - Reply

    sounds like the gov't here has been spending alot of vacation time in India, I can't wait to hear the next batch of outrageous news that they gave foreigners the ok to start taking baths here also