Support for Dutch monarchy rises but investiture costs are 'too high'

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A day before he becomes king, public confidence in prince Willem-Alexander has risen to 69%, according to a new poll for Nos television.

A year ago, just 59% thought the 46-year-old would make a good king.

The increase is largely due to the television interview broadcast earlier this month. Some 48% of the people polled by Ipsos said they thought better of the crown prince after the interview.

Nevertheless, with an approval rating of 7.2%, the new king remains less popular than his mother and wife Máxima who both score 7.8%, the Nos poll showed.


The monarchy is backed by 78% of the public, its highest approval rating since 2008. Last year 74% described themselves as supporters.

One in two people are also happy with the monarchy in its present form, in which the king will be head of state. However, 25% want a ceremonial monarchy and 10% a republic.

However, there is room for change. Some 44% think the royal family should receive less money from the state, 41% think they should have fewer privileges.

Half of the population also think the state is paying too much for the investiture of the new king - €5m - and two thirds think the bill for Amsterdam - €5.2m - itself is too high.


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