Sunburn team to serenade Schiphol travellers

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Holidaymakers at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport will be greeted by a sunburn team on Sunday. A pair of actors will sing a song to warn waiting travellers about the increased power of the sun in holiday countries. Children will also be able to carry out experiments to discover the power of the sun for themselves.

The action is part of a campaign by the Dutch Cancer Society intended to warn people about the dangers of skin cancer. Musician Dirk Scheele wrote the sunburn song especially for the organisation.

Many Dutch holidaymakers will be travelling to a country where the sun is considerably stronger than they are used to. In the Netherlands, the sun's strength is registered on a scale of one to eight. The scale shows how long someone can remain safely in the sun without protection. When the sun reaches level seven, for example, people with a light-coloured skin and no protection can be severely burned in just 15 minutes.

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