State to scrap up to 18,000 jobs in 5 years, 25% of budget

State to scrap up to 18,000 jobs in 5 years, 25% of budget

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The national government apparatus will be slimmed down radically between now and 2018, saving €4.2bn, government services minister Stef Blok said in a briefing to parliament on Wednesday evening.

In total, between 12,000 and 18,000 of the 150,000 national civil service jobs will go, offices will be closed and policy areas streamlined, Blok said. The government currently spends some €17bn on running the country.

'In a financial crisis, it is unavoidable that the government offers fewer services,' Blok said in the briefing. 'The government must also work more efficiently at a time when we are asking a lot of people.'


Similar targets to cut government spending have been criticised by the government's CPB policy unit and the general audit office in the past, news agency ANP points out.

Civil service union Abvakabo says it supports efforts to make the government apparatus more efficient but has serious doubts about such drastic cuts in the workforce, news agency ANP reported.

According to Nos, the government has reached agreement with the unions that there will be no compulsory redundancies.


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  • osita posted:

    on 6th June 2013, 20:52:49 - Reply

    Have either of you guys actually dealt with Dutch civil servants? Please, let me enlighten you as to how streamlining might help... 1) It's taken 'this' long for them to evaluate my 2010 tax return - at which point they decided I had no children under 16 in my household (I have two), and I had .... wait for it... 14 days! to respond before they amended it (in their favour of course). Normal people would have checked the GBA, but oh no, not these people.... after 2 years they still didn't do that 2 minute check. I'm just happy that they're going to pay 5% interest x 2 years on the full amount owed t me when they receive my evidence: however, I need to call (probably at 10c per minute?) to ensure it's been received, and even then it's not guaranteed. 2) My son just received a repayment notice for student finance 'he wasn't entitled to'. Of course, he was, as he had an EU parent working the required hours, but that didn't seem to matter. You see, parent and child have the same initial in their forename (no Mrs/Mr, or Mwv/Dhr) so they kept sending their 'provide evidence' form with his BSN rather than mine. Despite several phone calls - to the Education Department - in many difference provinces around the country! - it didn't seem to tap into their brain cells and so now we are left 'fighting' a demand we don't legally owe. Welcome to the world of Dutch bureaucracy! Nothing to do with socialism - and everything to do with too many personnel in WAY too many locations, all doing the same job, all of whom are on gold-plated 'can't touch me' permanent contracts. All this for just one expat in one house in Holland - there are many others, both Dutch and non-Dutch, tearing their hair out with similar issues at any given moment. Let the reforms begin! (Hunger-Games-style preferable) [Edited by moderator]
  • kenneth jamison posted:

    on 28th May 2013, 14:00:59 - Reply

    you guys must be talking to "W" about how to handle the economy.
  • Dave posted:

    on 28th May 2013, 13:42:51 - Reply

    Over a decade ago Bulgaria provided a modern European template for how to destroy the middle class. Since then we had Ireland, Spain, and Greece. Now is the turn of the UK, Netherlands, Italy, and France.