Spong to sue Suriname over amnesty law?

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Prominent Dutch lawyer Gerard Spong says he will take Suriname and its parliament to court if it adopts a controversial amnesty law.

The law would grant immunity to those suspected of involvement in the so-called December Murders of 15 opposition members in 1982. The law would breach both the country’s constitution and international law, Mr Spong said in television programme Pauw & Witteman on Friday evening. The lawyer advised the Surinames government concerning the December Murders.

One of those to benefit from the law would be Surinam’s current president, Desi Bouterse, who was installed in 1980. He came to power in a coup in 1982 and is alleged to have orchestrated the 1982 December Murders. In 1999, a Dutch court convicted him in absentia of drug-smuggling and sentenced him to 11 years in jail.

Suriname’s parliament was to discuss the draft bill on Friday but the session was suspended, apparently because the quorum was not met. cl/ae

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