Spectacular funeral planned for Bobby Farrell

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A spectacular funeral has been planned in Amsterdam this Saturday for Bobby Farrell, frontman of disco band Boney M. A two-hour-long commemoration service will be held in the city's theatre. His coffin will then taken by horse and carriage to his last resting place, Zorgvlied. A graveyard where many famous Dutch people choose to be buried.

The three female singers of the band, Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett en Maizie Williams, will be present. It is the first time that they will have seen each other since 1986. Although in recent years, all four members of the band toured the world with their own versions of Boney M.

Video During the service footage will be shown that was discovered this week in the archives of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Farrell's daughter Zanillya asked for the film and said she had become very emotional after seeing the report from 1997.

Bobby Farrell died last week at the age of 61 in a hotel room in St. Petersburg. Farrell was born in Aruba but had been living in Amsterdam in recent years. He was actually a dancer and DJ. The lyrics of the Boney M songs were actually sung by producer Frank Farian.




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