Shell unclear over losing sustainability rating

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Shell says it does not know why it has lost its spot in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The Anglo-Dutch oil company had always been included in the ranking since it was set up in 1999.

The index includes the companies deemed to be among a given branch's top 10 percent most sustainable ones. This year, Shell fell well short of the threshold.

Shell spokesman Peter van Boesschoten says: "We are still trying to identify the background for the decisions."

In 2009, as the Shell website proudly proclaims, the company was still included in the index for its outstanding performance in biodiversity, management, environmental policy, transparency and impact on local communities.   The index is drawn up by SAM Sustainability Investing. SAM has refused to explain why Shell has dropped out of the index. Analysts speculate Shell may not have a bad record but simply may have been outperformed by other companies.

Japanese car giant Toyota is among several other firms that also have failed to make into the index this year.

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