Search in Dutch baby killing case continues

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A police investigation into four gruesome baby killings in the Frisian town of Nij Beets is continuing. The Public Prosecutor said on Friday that the babies' mother is suspected of having killed the children. Police in the Northern Dutch village discovered the remains of four babies stored in suitcases in the attic of a family home on Thursday.

The mother of the babies is the 25-year old daughter of the family. The Netherlands Forensic Institute is analysing the DNA in the four bodies to find out who fathered the children. Spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office, Henk Mous, said it is unclear when the results of this analysis will be released. He added that the cause of death of the babies has not been established.

The family home is being searched for "objects such as diaries which could be relevant to the investigation", according to the prosecutor. The woman's parents have left the house and are planning to settle elsewhere in the village, according to media reports on Monday. Nij Beets is a small rural community, where local people expressed shock at the discovery of the dead babies. The 25-year-old woman, a dentist's assistant, was well-known and liked in the area. She has been detained.

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  • Margreet posted:

    on 11th August 2010, 13:04:16 - Reply

    If ever there was a case that demands capital punishment this is certainly one. This woman, or whoever it is that murdered the babies, should be hung by the neck until dead.