Scholars look to Bosnian Islam as a potential model for Europe

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Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, a debate in Europe has heated up over the compatibility of Islam with secular, Western society. Scholars meeting in Stuttgart took a fresh look at the question.

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  • chhajuram advocate induscharwak posted:

    on 26th November 2011, 01:39:44 - Reply

    Religion is a pure matter for conscience of individual hence it varies person to person. There cannot be a single model of any religion. What is to be done is it will be better to leave it for the community of any religion.
  • Muhammad posted:

    on 25th November 2011, 17:45:46 - Reply

    Islam is the continuity of God religions and it means surrendering to God.

    Corrections to previous comment by Bailey:
    Your comment has many lies and misleading.

    Woman has for the first time their rights after prophet Muhammad sent to pepple by God through the angle Gabriel.

    At his time where was woman rights in all other parts pf the world and even less than 100 years ago what was the women situation in any developed country?!

    His wife Khadija was a big trader and capitals owner ... Yes believe it and I call all the sane people, the unbiased, the truth seekers to tead about Islam and the best ever person and prophet Muhammad peace upon him who was sent by God to all mankind and Jinn as well.

    As well Islam is optional in case of Islamic Khilafa so how about nowadays ...

    Back to the article, it is not telling anything about the Bosian model of Islam, does Europe want to see Muslims who are not practicing their religion at all, just look at the churches on Sundays!

    One last point I would say judging Islam based on 11th September minority extreme group and against US who is its army red handed against innocents, mainly Muslims around the world and such a starting point to discuss Islam is totally biased and showing bad intention!
  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 25th November 2011, 15:01:59 - Reply

    Islam is NOT compatible with Western Democracy for one simple reason: the doctrines taught by the Muslim prophet Muhammad in the Qur'an and the Hadiths are anti-democratic, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-self determination, and anti-freedom of conscience.

    The Muslim prophet Muhammad taught that women are born mentally deficient, that anyone who doesn't believe in God MUST be killed, that any Muslim who decides to follow any religion other than Islam MUST be killed, and that ALL non-Muslims must either voluntarily convert to Islam or be forced to convert through acts of violence and threatening murder against the non-Muslims until they convert.

    Islam must be confronted honestly, openly, and forthrightly.