Schiphol Airport charges attacked by EasyJet

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Budget airline EasyJet has lodged a complaint about the increased charges Schiphol is imposing on its passengers.

14 August 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Low-cost airline EasyJet has lodged a complaint with the Netherlands Competition Authority about Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

The British airline says Schiphol is discriminating against passengers travelling from the Netherlands. They will soon be paying twice as much in airport charges as passengers who merely stopover at Amsterdam.

On 1 November, Schiphol's security charge will be raised by 61 percent, while its passenger charge will go up by 13 percent. The increases will make Schiphol Europe's most expensive airport.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]
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  • Terri posted:

    on 18th August 2008, 13:29:18 - Reply

    I really don't understand the thought process behind this. Do the powers that be really want to push all business over to Belgium and Germany? It just seems like it is what is going to happen. When I traveled to the states this summer it cost 600 dollars less per ticket to fly from Germany. Guess where we left from?