Samsoms Labour surging in weekly survey

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Four weeks after the resignation of Dutch Labour leader Job Cohen, a weekly opinion poll gives the party seven more seats in parliament.

Labour would now have 21 MPs, the weekly survey suggests. The Socialist Party and the Democrats D66 party would each lose three seats. Even so, the Socialist Party would still have 30 seats, making it the largest party in parliament.

Continuing its downward slide, the ruling conservative VVD party would now have just 29 seats, its worst poll performance since Prime Minister Mark Rutte came to power 15 months ago. By contrast, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, which backs the minority cabinet in parliament, notched up two seats. Since the launch of its controversial anti-immigrant website five weeks ago, the party has grown by five seats to a total of 25.

New Labour leader Diederik Samsom, who was officially installed on Saturday, is getting good ratings. Over 74 percent of potential Labour voters consider his election as a positive step for the party. Confidence in him personally is also high. With a rating of 5.5 he comes third after Socialist Party leader Emile Roemer 6.8 and D66 leader Alexander Pechtold 5.9.

The survey also found that 58 percent of Labour voters do not want the party to endorse the new European treaty that requires the government to reduce its budget deficit to three percent in 2013. cl/imm

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