Ruttes appeal for support snubbed by opposition

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During his first debate as Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s appeal for wide cooperation in parliament has been snubbed by Labour Party leader Job Cohen.

Mr Cohen told the new prime minister he should not count on support from his party. “We have deep and principal objections to this cabinet and the coalition agreement and the support agreement. We will not allow ourselves to be used to fill the cracks in this coalition or pick up the pieces left by Mr Wilders,” he said.

Prime Minister Rutte asked for support from the opposition because, as a minority coalition, the cabinet will sometimes need help from other parliamentary parties. The minority conservative VVD-Christian Democrat coalition does have a pledge of parliamentary support from the anti-Islam Freedom Party, giving it a flimsy one-seat majority. The coalition has even drawn up a support agreement with the controversial party.

Mr Cohen says support from the Labour Party will depend on how far the cabinet is prepared to meet their demands with regard to a fair distribution of the tax burden and a plan for housing and education.






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  • Highlander posted:

    on 27th October 2010, 13:22:23 - Reply

    Give this flimsly coalition 6 months before political chaos reigns once again. Any takers out there?