Rutte defends euro to German liberals

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has defended the planned expansion of the euro rescue fund at a congress meeting for members of the German liberal party the FDP.

In his speech, the leader of the Dutch conservative liberals said, “The fund is needed to restore faith in the euro. If we allow the coin to collapse, the repercussions for the euro and political cooperation in Europe will impossible to predict."

The so-called European Stability Mechanism ESM is to replace the emergency EFSF fund in 2013. Prime Minister Rutte thinks this should lead to the stricter regulation of budgets in Eurozone countries. At the congress, he said that it is out of the question for the Netherlands to see the fund as a self-service store, where countries can come to get money easily when they want to.

He acknowledged fears that the ESM could be used as a carte blanche, but said it is up to eurozone countries how to shape the fund.

Back in the Netherlands the head of VVD’s think tank Patrick van Schie told Dutch daily that politicians should consider a separate currency for the northern European countries, the Neuro. He wants to get rid of the weaker eurozone countries Italy and Greece and even wants France out of the euro because Paris wants to have too much political influence over the central bank.

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