Rotterdam taxis to get rotating, roof-top cameras

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Rotterdam taxi company RTC is implementing a pilot scheme in February involving the installation of roof-top cameras in a number of taxis. The designated vehicles will also be fitted with digital displays, so that if a driver feels threatened, he can press a button and the word 'Help' will appear.

Hubert Andela, General Secretary of the Dutch Association for Passenger Transport KNV Taxi confirmed the proposal in freesheet Metro on Monday. "Most taxis in the Netherlands are equipped with a camera inside, but that's not enough these days. Attackers usually try to pull the taxi driver out of his vehicle first before beating him," Mr Andela said.

The taxi branch sees the rotating camera, which will film everything that going on around the taxi, as a way of combating the ever-increasing violence against drivers. In the past months, taxis in Rotterdam have also been fitted with PIN terminals to enable customers to pay with their debit cards. Taxis in Amsterdam will follow in the spring.

In the 1990s, the first experiments with cameras fitted inside the taxi were also carried out in Rotterdam in response to excessive violence against taxi men in the whole region.

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