Romania tests Dutch flowers in border spat

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Romania hopes to conclude its analysis of Dutch flowers, plants and seeds as possible sources of health threats later this week, the European Commission says.

Since last week, the Romanian authorities have been barring entry to all Dutch flowers, bulbs and seeds. By Tuesday some 30 Dutch lorries were waiting at the Romanian border.

Romania says two Dutch shipments lacked the appropriate documentation. It’s thought the Dutch authorities have since admitted there was a problem with the papers.

Accusations Romania informed The Hague of the incident on Tuesday. The European Commission has been trying to mediate in the conflict. There are different interpretations of what exactly has been happening at the border, a spokesperson for the Commission said.

Some Dutch politicians have accused the Romanian government of orchestrating the spat in retaliation for the The Hague’s opposition to Romania’s bid to join the EU border-free Schengen zone.


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