Road rage in Rotterdam leads to accident

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Two men engaged in a car chase through Rotterdam crashed into a vehicle, leaving the driver seriously injured.

Rotterdam – Two motorists have been arrested for causing a traffic accident after a car chase through Rotterdam left a passing motorist seriously injured.

The dispute between the two motorists began on the A20 motorway between Hook of Holland and Rotterdam. After one of the cars lost their wing mirror in the conflict, the situation escalated into a car chase.

The driver being pursued drove into Rotterdam and called the police on his cellphone, but failed to notice the red light at an intersection and crashed into a passing car.

The pursuing motorist ignored the accident, and began attacking the driver of the first car before they were both arrested by police. The men will be charged with causing a traffic incident.

The injured driver was sawn out of her car and taken to the Erasmus University Medical Centre by a trauma helicopter.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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