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As of October 2009, all companies are obliged to go through a list of people who opted out of telemarketing calls before calling or risk paying a fine of EUR 450,000.

THE NETHERLANDS – People tired of receiving ceaseless calls from telemarketing companies and have registered to have their call blocks will soon be able to ensure they are left in peace.

In a new agreement signed by Economic Affairs Deputy Minister Frank Heemskerk Wednesday, telemarketing companies are forced to respect the wishes of people who opt out of receiving marketing calls.

Currently, members of the public who want to block calls from telemarketers can sign up register at the website, run by consumer organisation Infofilter. This ensures that they will not be called up by companies who are participating in the scheme.

However, as of October 2009, all companies will be obliged to check the list before they dial a number. Those who breach the regulations could face fines of up to EUR 450,000.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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