Quality of Dutch 'Oliebollen much improved

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The quality of Dutch dough balls is better than ever. Manufacturers are working ever harder to serve their customers a top quality product.

Dough balls are deep fried lumps of batter with raisins mixed in which are traditionally sold from late November until New Year’s Eve.

The annual dough ball test published by broadsheet AD shows that never before in the history of the test – which was first conducted in 1993 – were so many sellers awarded a passing grade.

Out of a total of 113 vendors tested, 79 scored a passing grade, and 15 scored an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10 or even higher.

AD writes that bakers and vendors appear to be working ever harder to improve quality. Director Bob Cramwinckel of the Taste Research Centre CSO says “

Dough ball manufacturers start making their preparations as early as September, which includes taking training courses. Suppliers of the raw materials organise meetings where the technical details of the trade are extensively discussed.

The Netherlands’ best dough ball baker will be announced on Wednesday. Last year’s winner was master baker Voskamp from the town of Spijkenisse in the province of South Holland.


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