Public broadcasting salaries capped

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Salaries for Dutch public broadcasters will now be kept at the 'Balkenende norm.'

The Hague – Salaries for public broadcasters will be capped for new recruits, the ministry of education, culture and science announced Friday.

Public broadcasters will now earn salaries in accordance with the 'Balkenende norm' of EUR 180,000.

The Balkenende norm refers to the widely accepted principle that public sector employees should not earn more than the prime minister, Jan Peter Balkenende.

The ministry will allow for exceptions in special circumstances. This refers to a handful of 'uniquely talented' people who are responsible for a whole channel and could earn a great deal more in the commercial sector, said culture minister Ronald Plasterk.

In those cases, the supervisory board for public broadcasting will determine their salary.

Broadcasters earlier called for a limit of EUR 240,000, but Plasterk said this was too high for publicly funded positions. At present there are around 40 people in public broadcasting who earn more than EUR 180,000 a year.

The salary cap will not affect current employees.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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