Program announced for 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

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The international architecture event will take place from 24 September 2009 to 10 January 2010, and will include exhibitions in Amsterdam as well as Rotterdam this year.

The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) is an international event of exhibitions, conferences, lectures and other activities devoted to themes in the field of architecture and urbanism. This year’s event includes three major exhibitions (two in Rotterdam and one in Amsterdam), an event program at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) and a large cross-media project in cooperation with the broadcaster VPRO.

The event will kick off with its main exhibition, Open City: Designing Coexistence, at the NAI in Rotterdam, followed by Parallel Cases//AIBR@RDM on 25 September, at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, and The Free State of Amsterdam on 26 September, at a venue in Amsterdam to be announced shortly.

Exhibition: Open City: Designing Coexistence
The IABR's main exhibition, on the theme Open City: Designing Coexistence, will take place in Rotterdam's NAI and invites visitors to consider how and what architects and urbanists can contribute to the way we live in cities. The exhibition will include a large-scale walk-through model of the 'Open City', as well as exhibitions and public activities.

Exhibition: The Free State of Amsterdam

Amsterdam will host The Free State of Amsterdam, organised in conjunction with the City of Amsterdam’s Spatial Planning Department. The exhibition will examine whether it is possible to pursue an urban-planning policy in ‘the Amsterdam of the Future’ that will create more freedom for its citizens instead of placing evermore restrictions on life in the Dutch capital. The IABR will reveal the venue for The Free State of Amsterdam exhibition shortly.
Cross-media project:
Urban Century
The IABR has teamed up with the broadcaster VPRO, which has created a large-scale cross-media project called Urban Century. From 13 September, a large number of VPRO programs devoted to life and living in the city will be broadcast on radio, TV and online. A digital archive of radio and TV programmes  on urban life will be available to visitors at the VPRO Pavilion in the NAI during the biennale.
Exhibition: Parallel Cases//IABR@RDM

The newly created RDM Campus in South Rotterdam, which is home to the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, will form the backdrop for the Parallel Cases//IABR@RDM exhibition. The show is organised in collaboration with the academy, as well as with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. 44 Institutions of higher education from around the world will be presenting their projects.

Event summary
What: The IABR is an international research biennale founded in 2001 on the conviction that architecture is a public concern. It is an event of exhibitions, conferences, lectures and other activities devoted to themes in the field of architecture and urbanism. In addition to the three main exhibitions, there will be debates, lectures, theatre performances and film screenings.
When: From 24 September 2009 until 10 January 2010.
Where: Various venues in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Central venue: the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam.
Who: The 4th IABR’s curator is Dutch architect and urbanist Kees Christiaanse, who teaches at the ETH Zurich and is a partner in KCAP Rotterdam.

For more information, see the event website

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