Prince of Orange muses on 2028 Olympic bid

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Prince Willem-Alexander is a member of the International Olympic Committee and as such is in South Africa to vote on where future games are to be held. In an interview in , he talks about the Netherlands’ hopes to host the Games in 2028.

The prince thinks that the current preparations by Olympic Vuur Olympic Fire – the Dutch lobby platform for the 2028 bid are good groundwork for a possible future bid: “Everyone has to think about the importance of the Olympic Games for their sector of society,” says the crown prince. “From sportsmen and women, businesses, right up to the parliamentary commission for urban planning.”

Prince Willem-Alexander stressed the importance of having public backing for a bid. In South Korea, where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang, the National Olympic Committee had 90 percent of the people behind it. But it took three goes before the bid was successful. That is not likely to happen in the Netherlands, you need to win the bid in one go. “In western countries, you are doing well if you have more than half the people behind you.”

Incidentally the prince voted for what he described as the best bid for the 2018 Winter Games: Munich off the record.

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