Populist Verdonk party at all time low

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An opinion poll suggests that support for Proud of the Netherlands (TON) has dropped from 26 seats to one.

THE NETHERLANDS - The weekly poll by Maurice de Hond shows that nearly all supporters of the populist party founded last year by former Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk have gone over to the rightwing Freedom Party led by MP Geert Wilders.

His PVV would now have 28 seats, making it the largest party, followed by 27 seats for the Christian Democrats, 23 for the Labour Party and 17 for the conservative VVD.

Analysts blame TON's virtual disappearance on internal squabbling. Over the past few months conflicts between TON leaders repeatedly made the headlines.

A few years ago similar quarrels led to the demise of the populist Pim Fortuyn List.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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