Pope: celibacy could be abolished

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Celibacy, which is required of Catholic priests, might one day be abolished, Pope Benedict XVI told Dutch bishops in 2004.

The Dutch bishops, who met Cardinal Ratzinger, as he then was still called, shortly before his election as Pope, were astounded, the former bishop of Breda, Tiny Muskens, has told a television programme.

When the Dutch bishops asked the cardinal, then one of the most powerful men in Vatican, about the propect of introducing marriage for priests, he answered: “I don’t see that happening in the coming ten years”, according to Bishop Muskens.

“We expected him to be against married priests on principle. This, however, meant he was open to discussing the possibility”.

Bishop Muskens is an ardent propopent of allowing priests to marry and wants the Vatican to hold a council to change its long-standing policy.

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  • Emos posted:

    on 13th June 2011, 13:03:44 - Reply

    The issue is not about them getting married,they can get married and start sleeping with another man or woman.That is what is going on.
  • Philomena Carolan posted:

    on 12th June 2011, 22:02:49 - Reply

    I find that comment neither here nor there as, that waws back in 2004 and we are in 2011 now, nothing has changed, if it had have been said now we could have been full of joy with hoping the Pope would do something pretty soon but, there is a fat chance of that.

    So, if anyone is pleased with that then I don't know why?

    One thing I know for certain, someone somewhere has the authority to force the Pope to resign but, obviously will not for some reason, it is as if they is something huge to hide.....even deeper problems in the Vatican to do with the Pope himself maybe and that is what all the secret is about-who knows, who knows?