Poll: no Dutch majority coalition possible

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The five Dutch parties which recently agreed drastic budget cuts would, if elections were held now, no longer have a majority in parliament, a weekly opinion poll suggest.

Together, the five parties would have 74 out of parliament’s 150 seats, two less than last week. One seat was lost by the pro-business VVD party, the other by the Christian Union. A little over a week ago the governing VVD and the Christian Democrats agreed an austerity package with the Christian Union, D66 and Green Left opposition parties to meet a European Union deadline. 

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, which brought down the government due over its refusal to agree budget cuts, has gained two seats since last week. Over 70 percent of Freedom Party voters say the will do so again in the general elections due to be held in September.

Labour now would have 20 seats, one more than last week. The Socialist Party loses a seat but, along with the VVD, remains the country’s biggest party, with 30 seats.

As a result of the ongoing shifts, there is no clear majority for any coalition at present. cl

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  • Rob posted:

    on 7th May 2012, 11:12:15 - Reply

    Actually, it is not correct to say that 'there is not clear majority for any coalition as present.' A blog (not my blog, I just follow it) has a good breakdown of the coalition possibilities (http://www.quirksmode.org/politics/polls.html).

    Three coalitions have a majority: Center-Left, Purple and Left.

    Center-Left = SP-PvdA-CDA-D66
    Purple = VVD-PvdA-D66-GL
    Left = SP-PvdA plus the three small parties in the Kunduz coalition (D66, CU, GL). CU can also be swapped out for PvdD and still have a slight 76 seat majority.