Plug pulled on rubber ducky

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Motorists driving along A10 highway can no longer see the giant yellow rubber ducky bobbing on the lake.

25 April 2008

AMSTERDAM - A few months ago, motorists charging along Amsterdam's busy A10 ring road were greeted by the mysterious and surreal appearance of a giant rubber ducky bobbing around on a little lake next to the tarmac. The rubber ducky was bright yellow and reminded people of their childhood bath-time companion. And after a few months - just as mysteriously - it vanished.

Today, De Telegraaf reveals that ducky was an artistic stunt pulled by the development agency behind Amsterdam's ambitious new Zuidas business district nearby.

"With his cheery appearance, he was a little ray of sunshine on a rainy day. And now he is gone, his absence is a cause of consternation for many" says the agency.

A spokesman explains "Ducky was just a bit of fun, but now he's gone it turns out that people really miss him ... we are now looking into the possibility of him bobbing around on a permanent basis."

[Radio Netherlands / David Doherty / Expatica]
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