Photos of paedophile put up across Eindhoven

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Photos of the paedophile have been splashed across Eindhoven after a court rules that he is allowed to move back into the city.

Eindhoven – Concerned residents of Eindhoven have put up photographs of a convicted paedophile across the city after official attempts to bar him filed, reports de Telegraaf.

Residents of the city put up posters featuring Sytze van der Velde on their windows after a court rules that Eindhoven Mayor Rob van Gijzel cannot ban him from the city.

Van der Velde has three convictions for abusing young boys.

Newspapers De Telegraaf and Trouw have also published the photos of the convicted paedophile.

According to De Telegraaf, he is greatly respected in paedophile circles for his publication of an unapologetic prison diary, What are you doing to my child, in 1981. In the book, he blamed parents for being overly possessive towards their children and for a lack of understanding for the relationship he has with their children.

A spokesperson from Trouw, Chris Hölsken, expressed his concerns before deciding to publish the photo: "Our team has received threats against his life. And we don’t want to join a witch hunt for the paedophile moron. We would not mind if anything happened to him, but obviously we don’t want to have any part in this.”

Hölsken, who said van der Velde poses a serious threat to society, is also thinking of publishing his vehicle registration number.

The paedophile's photo has also been put up on the website, which is registered in the United States and has a US owner to evade Dutch privacy laws.

In early October, the city council of Eindhoven banned the 61-year-old man from returning home in Eindhoven after serving his prison sentence of 27 months.

The court found the city council had failed to prove that the man would be a danger to public order.

Although the judge conceded the paedophile may re-offend, this did not constitute a threat to law and order.

The court ruled that the arguments presented by Eindhoven mayor who said it was irresponsible to allow the man back into the city, citing fears of unrest and revenge attacks in the neighbourhood where he lives, were unconvincing.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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