Perverted Dutch granny sexually abused baby

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A Dutch grandmother has been accused of helping her 48-year-old male friend sexually abuse her five-weeks-old grandson and producing child pornography.

The public prosecutor in Den Bosch called the case "too bizarre for words" and demanded a 263-day prison term for the 57-year-old woman, plus mandatory psychiatric treatment in a government clinic.

Videos and photos The perverted granny told the court on Monday that her new boyfriend was the brains behind it all, and being "extremely susceptible", according to behavioral psychologists, she could not resist his outrageous ideas. The abuse of the infant by both the man and the woman was described in graphic detail in court, based on videos and photos shot by the man. It was the first time the woman had been a babysit for her grandson.

After the abuse the grandmother contacted the police, upon which she and her friend were arrested. The woman was detained in a psychiatric hospital. A case against the man will be heard in December.



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