Payoff ends custody battle over Knut the polar bear

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An animal park in northern Germany, where Knut’s father lives, had claimed legal ownership over Berlin’s famous cub.

Berlin – Berlin Zoo has agreed to pay EUR 430,000 to keep Knut, the polar bear who as a cub became a worldwide media sensation in 2007, press reports said on Wednesday.

The cuddly cub shot to fame after being rejected by his mother, sparking an outpouring of public sympathy that earned Berlin Zoo millions of euros in entrance tickets and lucrative merchandising.

But an animal park in Neumuenster in northern Germany, which is home to Knut's father Lars and claims legal ownership of the star bear, sued Berlin Zoo in an attempt to get hold of some of the money that Knut generated.

Berlin offered EUR 350,000 – what it called "the going rate for polar bears" – but Neumuenster wanted EUR 700,000, and the two have agreed on EUR 430,000, the BZ newspaper reported, cited unnamed sources.

Knut meanwhile is now a strapping adult, with animal rights groups saying that all the attention he received has resulted in abnormal behaviour including imitating zoo visitors taking photos.

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