Patients banned from paying to get early treatment

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The Dutch Health Authority rules that patients who pay extra to receive treatment earlier are going against the law.

THE NETHERLANDS – Paying extra money so you can be placed higher on the waiting list to receive treatment is against the law, rules the Dutch Health Authority.

The ruling on Monday came after news emerged last year that a hospital in Haarlem gave priority treatment to two patients who paid extra money so they do not have to place on the waiting list.

In a deal between the hospital and the mediation agency, the hospital was to receive EUR 900 for every patient it treated early.

Pending the judges’ decision, the hospital had yet to receive the money it was promised. It will now not receive any money for the treatment.

While the Dutch Health Authority is in favour of allowing patients to return quickly to society, politicians want to prevent the creation of a two-tier system where richer patients are treated more quickly than others. They fear health mediation could lead to the provision of financial incentives to give some patients priority.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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