Pathologists want more autopsies to be carried out

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Autopsies are necessary to ensure medical knowledge stay up to date, says pathology association.

The Netherlands – The lack of autopsies carried out in the Netherlands may be hindering the country’s level of medical knowledge, said the Dutch Pathology Association.

According to the association, autopsies are indispensible in ensuring medical knowledge in the country stays up to date.

The examination allows pathologists to verify doctors' diagnoses and the appropriateness of their treatment procedures. Genetic disorders and new diseases can also be traced.

"Too many doctors rely on techniques like MRI scans and echography to look into the body from the outside, but these do not reveal everything," Professor Mat Daemen, head of the association, told daily newspaper AD.

In the past decade in the Netherlands, only 3 percent of people who died a natural death in the past 10 years – way below the required 10 – 20 percent the association is aiming for.

The decline is due to most relatives of deceased persons do not want damage done to their loved ones’ bodies and tend to withhold their approval. Doctors are also unwilling to disturb the family with a request for a post mortem examination.
Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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