Parliament shocked about earlier conviction Robert Mikelsons

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Parliament has been shocked by the news of Robert Mikelsons' earlier conviction in the German city of Heidelberg for the possession of child pornography. Mikelson is suspected of abusing dozens of children at two Amsterdam day care centres. If the Dutch authorities had known about the conviction, he never would have been issued a 'certificate of moral conduct', which is compulsory for child care workers.

MP Ard van der Steur of the conservative VVD said an international register of convictions was a logical step, but pointed out that it would be very complicated to get the data from all EU countries in a single data base. Also, access to such a system would have to be tightly controlled.

His colleague Madeleine van Toorenburg of the Christian democratic CDA spoke of a shocking report. “We have already on several occasions argued for an international certificate of moral conduct. And Deputy Justice Minister Fred Teeven has raised the issue in Brussels. It's very sad that the need for such a European certificate of moral conduct should be demonstrated so soon.”

Freedom Party Lilian Helder said it was “madness” that EU countries are unable to access each other's criminal records. She wants this to change as soon as possible.  


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