Parents should pay for children's vandalism

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Parents should have to pay for the criminal damage caused by their children who are under age 18, most Dutch MPs believe.

If draft legislation being put forward by the Christian Democrats CDA becomes law, parents will become liable for their underage children. As the law now stands, youngsters of 16 and 17 are themselves liable for any damage they cause. Often, though, they are simply unable to pay.

According to a CDA MP: “Parents are in a better position than anyone else, certainly than the victims, to prevent their children from committing a misdemeanour. That’s why it’s simple logic that both parents and their children should be liable.”

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  • Chris posted:

    on 21st March 2012, 11:26:05 - Reply

    I believe that this is the best course of action, there needs to be accountability and responsibility by both parent and child. The home is where the kids learn norms and values it is the duty of the parents to ensure their children are integrating positively within society.