Paedophile club not to be charged

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An organisation that advocates the acceptance of paedophilia cannot be prosecuted, preliminary investigations by the Rotterdam Public Prosecutor suggest.

The organisation, called Martijn, wants sexual relationships between adults and children legalised.

But investigators have failed to find evidence that links offences committed by current or former members to the organisation or its website.

Several current and former members have been suspected and some convicted of possessing child pornography.

The organisation can therefore not be banned or dissolved either, the Public Prosecutor’s investigation concludes. 

The investigation was conducted together with the Public Prosecutor’s national child pornography taskforce.

The investigation was launched in December, partly in response to the support several members expressed for a male homosexual couple accused of molesting dozens of children under the age of five at an Amsterdam day nursery where one of them worked. They are also suspected of raping some of the infants.

The man working at the day nursery was a member of Martijn himself.

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  • vinod bharat posted:

    on 20th June 2011, 11:19:15 - Reply

    is it not the same country where jews where deported from.
    indeed a very coward nation with coward politicians.
  • dkjfkdj posted:

    on 20th June 2011, 11:18:06 - Reply

    netherlands is the most backward country in europe
    they are allowing childmolesters to operate freely.
    they are banning everything else in their country but the judges do not have the guts to ban Paedophiles. there are enough loopholes in a law if they really want it they can do it.