Packages of cocaine found on Dutch beaches

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Packages of cocaine and cocaine-cutter equipment were washed ashore at five different beaches over the weekend.

Kijkduin – A stroll on the beach at the Dutch seaside resort of Kijkduin led to the discovery of a series of packages of cocaine on Saturday, Dutch public broadcaster NOS reports.

The person who found the first package took it to the authorities, sparking a shoreline search by police.

Similar packages were found at four other locations along the North Sea coastline of the Dutch province of South Holland, including one weighing almost 2.5 kilograms which was washed ashore on the beach at Scheveningen.

Other packets were found on the beaches at Westland and Wassenaar.

Equipment used to cut cocaine was also found in the packets. The Hague police believe the packets may have become detached from the underside of a boat.

This method of concealment – below the waterline - is often used by smugglers to avoid detection by customs officials.
Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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