PVV: cut ties with Tehran

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The Freedom Party PVV has called on Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal to break diplomatic relations with Iran if it is proven that Iran was behind the foiled attacks on foreign embassies in the US capital Washington, DC.

The US government has accused Tehran backing an attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington. The US attorney general alleges that the plot was the work of Iran"s Islamic Revolution Guard and its covert wing, the Quds Force.

In a written question to the foreign minister, the PVV asked if the minister was prepared to break relations with Tehran if the accusations were proven and called for an answer within 24 hours. Normally, a minister has three weeks to formulate a response to a written question.





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  • Simon Says posted:

    on 12th October 2011, 14:49:02 - Reply

    How exactly are the allegations going to be proved?

    How exactly can we cut ties with Iran when we have no ties with Iran?

    Yet another lazy cut and paste of a press release with no analysis from the journo.