PSSC leaders show Dutch their gratitude

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Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Affairs René Castro visited The Hague Monday to thank the Dutch government for its role in developing the Partners in South-South Cooperation PSSC. The initiative was established in 2002 between Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica with financial support from the Netherlands.

Under the PSSC, farmers, entrepreneurs and scientists share their knowledge and experience in 36 projects. For example, Bhutan farmers teach their Costa Rican counterparts how to grow red rice while Costa Ricangardeners give lessons in Benin about cultivating organic produce.

Representatives from the governments of Benin and Bhutan, NGO Cordaid, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with Castro in The Hague to discuss the Dutch role in the PSSC. Whether the Netherlands should continue to offer financial support was a central point of discussion.

Participants stressed the role of the PSSC in setting a positive example for other countries. The programme’s main objective is to promote inter-cooperation rather than encourage poor countries to seek financial aid from rich countries. 

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