PM breezes through Dutch censure motion

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is putting a brave face on the two afternoons he has been under fire in parliament for what he himself has admitted was bad communication about the EU bailout for Greece. He says the Dutch parliamentary debate on the issue has made a contribution to building up trust within Europe.

He has pointed out that after the debate a majority of MPs were again behind tougher monitoring of the budgets of EU countries. “I now feel we’re again pulling on the same side of the rope,” Mr Rutte explained.

Earlier, a motion of censure against the prime minister accusing him of misleading MPs on the details of the bailout was defeated by an overwhelming majority.

Opposition taunts The Freedom Party PVV, which has an agreement to give the minority government support from the parliamentary benches on most issues, is against any form of support for Greece. The government has had to rely on a number of opposition parties to get the bailout through parliament.

Some opposition MPs are saying that, if the PVV was really against the bailout for Greece, it would withdraw its support for the cabinet and cause the government to fall.

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