Overweight diminishes chance of pregnancy

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Being overweight makes it more difficult for women to get pregnant.

12 December 2007

AMSTERDAM – Being overweight diminishes a woman's chance of pregnancy. Researchers at the Amsterdam hospitals AMC and VUmc, and the Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Centre came to this conclusion in an article that appears Wednesday in the international scientific journal Human Reproduction.
They monitored about 3,000 couples for two years as they underwent fertility treatment.

It was already known that extremely obsese women no longer ovulate and are therefore infertile. The researchers say that it has also now been demonstrated that overweight women with a normal menstruation cycle can also have fertility problems.

They assume that women who are severely underweight also have difficulty getting pregnant.

It is not known why being overweight has a negative effect on fertility. The researchers suspect it may have something to do with the hormone leptine. This stops the feeling of being hungry.

Women who do not produce this hormone because of a genetic defect suffer from extreme obesity. In addition they also often struggle with fertility problems because leptine also affects other hormone levels.

One of the researchers urges that better information and assistance be provided to couples who wish to have children, also about the influence of being overweight. Help with losing weight should also be offered.

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