Organic food not popular

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Organic food is not popular with Dutch consumers.

27 March 2008

RIJSWIJK – Organic food is not popular with Dutch consumers. This has emerged from a survey published on Thursday, carried out by Research International and commissioned by newspaper DAG.

Even if an organic product is the same price as a non-organic product, less than half of consumers choose the organic product.

Price is the most important consideration in buying groceries. The price of non-organic products is generally lower than that of organic products.

The "back-to-nature freak" image associated with organic food also plays a role.

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  • Ark posted:

    on 27th March 2008, 20:26:05 - Reply

    Yet more proof, as if it was needed, that rather than being the social and economic powerhouse the Dutch imagine their country to be, it is actually just a very poor imitation of the U.K. of the 1950's.